• Fish swimming above coral
  • Polar bear on sea ice
  • Sea lions in surface waters
  • Ocean acidity has increased 26% since the mid-1800s.
  • Over 1,000 Arctic species depend on sea ice for their survival.
  • Warming in the upper ocean by 1°C would triple the oxygen-depleted zones.

Communicating Ocean Acidification Through Videos

Written by Natalya on .

Videos are a fantastic teaching tool: engaging, better at competing for today’s short attention spans, and effective at reaching many different audiences. Here are a few great videos we’ve come across that showcase the current science about ocean acidification. Read more to find links to the videos. 


Ocean Acidification: Connecting science, industry, policy, and public – produced by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. For international audiences, this video is also available in Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and with French and Spanish subtitles. 

Ocean Acidification Claymation video “The Other CO2 Problem: The Threats and Environmental Implications of Ocean Acidification” – this video is a powerful animation from the younger generation on the threats and implications of ocean acidification. Available also in French, Spanish, and Italian

Ocean Acidification – A video about the Washington/Oregon hatchery response to ocean acidification by the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) and NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program. This video is a great example of how scientific monitoring can guide industry adaptation to changing ocean conditions.

Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn – From Bering Sea crab fishermen to Washington and Oregon oyster hatcheries, this video produced by the Seattle Times highlights the different industries in the US that are feeling the effects of ocean acidification.

Ocean Acidification: A Threat to Economies and Cultures Around the World – produced by Ocean Conservancy and tracks the journey of Alexis Valauri-Orton as she travels across the world and visits local communities and economies that rely on marine resources that are vulnerable to ocean acidification impacts.

Ocean Acidification by the Alliance for Climate Change – a short 3 minute animated overview of ocean acidification.

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