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Here at Ocean Scientists, we are a group of oceanographers and climate scientists who love to teach and talk about what we do.

We explore the ocean and its wonders to understand the complexities of this deep blue world. You will be surprised by what we discover!

The ocean is a vast and complex environment. Beneath its waves lies a world of fascinating creatures and breathtaking landscapes – a world filled with unanswered questions and unexplained phenomena.

Trying to understand what makes the ocean tick is a never-ending quest and we hope you’ll come along with us on this journey. By sharing our passion for the ocean, we hope to inspire others to protect it so we can enjoy it for generations to come.

All our blogs are written by professional ocean scientists who are passionate about educating the public about their research and their love of the ocean. We have been motivated by students and lifelong learners to create this place for you to learn more about our world’s oceans and marine life.

The purpose of Ocean Scientists is to make you think differently about the importance of our oceans, seas, and marine life. We hope that this site will help to raise awareness about marine issues and enable you to make informed decisions about the oceans that we all depend on for survival.

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